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UBSOUND    Group    is    an    Italian    consumer    electronics    company    specialized    in    audio    products, founded   in   2011   in   Milan.   The   company’s   core   business   is   focused   on   top   quality   earphones, headphones,   MP3,   DAP   &   DAC,   which   match   the   most   advanced   technology   with   a   really   cool design.   UBSOUND   invests   most   of   its   resources   in   research   &   development,   with   main   focus   on style,   quality   and   wearability   of   its   products.   From   a   perfect   synergy   between   sound   engineering and   creativity   an   unmistakable   style   is   born,   modern   and   human:   the   UBSOUND   style.   The   deep passion   for   audio   and   beauty,   the   care   of   details   and   the   love   for   technology   mark   the   main guidelines for the design of all our products. “We mark new audio guidelines in the digital era, aware of its continuous evolution. We do our best every day so you can experience maximum performance. Getting you to smile through sound is our main objective. This is UBSOUND.” Marzio Gasparro – CEO at UBSOUND Group