High   quality   on-ear   headphones   for   smartphones,   tablets,   MP3   players,   DAPs,   DACs,   portable   gaming   consoles,   computers   and   any audio   device   with   a   standard   3,5mm   jack.   Maximum   sound   isolation   and   high   performance   playback.   Microphone   for   hands   free calls   with   a   single   button   to   answer   and   hang   up   calls   or   to   play   and   pause   music.   Ergonomic   and   stylish   design.   Professional   quality 1,35m   single   tangle   free   wire.   High   tech,   lightweight,   elegant   and   professional   quality   materials   for   maximum   fidelity   sound   in   any condition.   Full,   textured   and   round   Bass.   Rich,   warm   and   detailed   Mids.   Clear   and   advanced   Highs.   Velvet   feel   pouch   included.   User guide   included.   High   performance   40mm   independent   dynamic   drivers.   Sensitivity:   110dB/mW.   Frequency   response:   18Hz   - 22.000Hz.   Maximum   distortion:   <0,2%.   Impedance:   32Ω.   Adjustable   headband   and   ear   cups.   2   years warranty. You'll be amazed by the performance of your UBSOUND Dreamer headphones.


In order to analyze the concept of audio quality and performance whilst listening to music with UBSOUND’s Dreamer headphones, we asked  Anna Rastelli, journalist, pianist and musicologist, for an authoritative opinion. During your daily work, have you ever felt the need to use headphones to listen to music? Certainly, my work is in fact separated into two parts. One part involves listening to music and studying scores, the other consists of interpretation, the instrumental study. In both cases I feel the need to undergo a great listening experience, increasingly professional and perfected. We demand high definition and great detail which allows us to shed light on the darkest shadows. What I mean is that I expect to listen to the greatest possible details in the music, not just a single note, I want to be able to recognize the specific tones. The magic in art is in fact often hidden in the shadows.
So, have you used UBSOUND’s headphones as if they were a work tool? Yes and first of all. You have to remember there are two ways of listening to music and they are very different. A generic use, where the listeners are looking for a familiar sound one which they are used to. Then there is the professional use, where the listener wants the greatest possible detail and the highest quality. Ambient noise soundproofing has an essential function then? Yes, absolutely and this time I don’t want to talk exclusively about the professional side. There are times during the day when listening to music is purely a personal matter when you need to enjoy a moment of pure pleasure. Even in this scenario UBSOUND’s headphones are extraordinary, the soundproofing is fundamental to isolating the outside world from this magical moment of enjoyment.
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