Premium   HD   aluminum   in-ear   earphones   for   smartphones,   tablets,   MP3   players,   DAP,   DAC,   portable   gaming   consoles,   PCs   and   any   audio device   with   a   standard   3,5mm   jack.   Remote   control   with   microphone   for   hands   free   calls   with   a   single   button   to   answer/hang   up   and play/pause   music.   Ergonomic   design   and   robust   aluminum   body.   1,2m   flat   tangle-free   wire.   Maximum   sound   isolation   and   high   performance playback.   High   tech,   lightweight,   professional   quality   materials   for   maximum   fidelity   sound   in   any   condition.   Full   and   round   bass,   melodic midrange   and   rich   treble   for   a   pure   dynamic   playback.   3   sets   of   high   quality   ear   tips   included:   S,   M   &   L   sizes.   Velvet   feel   pouch   and   user   guide included.    HD    9mm    independent    dynamic    drivers.    Sensitivity:    115dB/mW.    Frequency    response:    15-21.000Hz. Impedance:   16Ω.   Maximum   distortion:   <0,1%.   You'll   be   amazed   by   the   performance   of   your   UBSOUND   Fighter   PRO in-ear earphones and their slightly v-shaped acoustic signature. Available in 4 cool colours.


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