In   order   to   comprehend   the   importance   of   using   high   quality   earphones   like   UBSOUND’s   Smarter   PRO,   we   asked   Alberto Barbero,   composer   and   professor   of   Harmony   &   Musical   Analysis   at   the   Conservatory   of   Piacenza   (Italy),   for   an   authoritative opinion.   Maestro,   what   does   a   modern   day   composer’s   workload   consist   of   and   how   can   earphones   be   useful   for his   everyday   tasks?   In   romantic   iconography,   the   composer   is   always   portrayed   whilst   writing   and   sitting   down   in   front   of   a piano:   the   piano   was   in   fact   the   most   widely   used   work   instrument.   Today’s   composers   can   count   on   a   vast   number   of   modern instruments   like   computers,   synthesizers   and   samplers.   In   this   sense,   listening   to   the   actual   moment   the   sound   is   produced   is essential. This is why speakers, headphones and earphones have become such important tools for us. What   do   you   think   about   UBSOUND’s   earphones?   The   key   point   is   that   speakers   and   headphones   have   reached   good quality   standards.   This   is   not   so   for   earphones   and   this   is   why   I   didn’t   use   them.   It’s   frustrating   to   work   hours   on   refined   and complex   instruments   if,   when   you   re-listen   to   your   work,   all   parts   merge   into   a   single   sound   and   you   can’t   hear   the   diversity. Regarding   this   point,   UBSOUND’s   earphones   are   a   real   step   forward.   As   a   Professor,   how   can   you   use   earphones?    At   an academic   level,   music   analysis   represents   such   a   vast   field   that   a   Professor   has   to   study   scores   daily.   I   often   work   at   night   or whilst   travelling,   when   it   is   important   that   you   don’t   disturb   others      and   that   you’re   not   disturbed   by   ambient   noise.   I   was greatly impressed by the excellent soundproofing of these earphones and by the amount of detail whilst listening to music.
Premium   HD   ergonomic   in-ear   earphones   for   smartphones,   tablets,   MP3   players,   DAP,   DAC,   portable   gaming   consoles,   computers and   any   audio   device   with   a   standard   3,5mm   jack.   Maximum   sound   isolation   and   high   quality   performance   playback.   Ergonomic design.   High   tech,   lightweight,   professional   quality   materials   for   maximum   fidelity   sound   in   any   condition.   Full   and   round   Basses. Rich   and   warm   Mids.   Clear   and   melodic   Highs.   Microphone   for   hands   free   calls   with   a   single   button   to   answer   and   hang   up   which   can also   be   used   to   play   and   pause   music.   1,2m   tangle   free   wire.   3   pairs   of   eartips   included:   S,   M,   L   size.   Velvet   feel   pouch   included. User   guide   included.   High   performance   10mm   independent   dynamic   drivers   HD.   Sensitivity:   115dB/mW. Frequency   response:   15-21.000Hz.   Impedance:   16Ω.   Maximum   distortion   <0,2%.   You'll   be   amazed   by   the performance of your UBSOUND Smarter PRO earphones.
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